Husqvarna Functional Forest Helmet

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The Husqvarna Functional Forest Helmet is as a brilliant piece of protective gear for any forest worker. It’s designed with a variety of features to suit individual preferences and requirements. It gives you the ultimate comfort and ergonomics you need while performing your tasks. It is lightweight for comfortable wear all day long.

Special features

Ultra-Vision Visor

This feature is essential for the safety of your eyes. You can easily move it up or down and adjust it accordingly, depending on the task at hand, as well as other visibility factors. With the special nylon mesh included, the levels of light are reduced by 20% to improve visibility.

A six-point Textile hardness

The six-point textile suspension on this helmet combines comfort with three different settings. This allows the user to adjust the depth of how the helmet sits on the head and reduces pressure.

Hearing protectors

Husqvarna Functional Forest Helmet comes with adjustable hearing protectors – a hearing protection system that can be conveniently adjusted sideways and vertically. This ensures that you get high levels of comfort and stability, even when you work for an extended period. Hearing protectors are also adjustable in “Stand-by” mode. They provide exceptional noise reduction of NRR 24 dB(A) and SNR 26 dB(A).


Approved for low temperature-40 °C

Approved according to ANSIZ89.1-2003 Class G,E

Approved according to EN397


Description – fluorescent

Replaceable lining – Yes

Date marking – Yes

UV stabilized – Yes

Approved for low temperature -40 °C


5 reviews for Husqvarna Functional Forest Helmet

  1. M Smith (verified owner)

    This is a brilliant helmet. Provides all round safety to the head and face, whilst protecting the ears and back of neck too!

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    This is a brilliant helmet fantastic I love the fit and it’s very light and durable the earmuffs are superb and the visor is excellent top quality

  3. Paul Shotton

    Great helmet, soooo much better than goggles that steam up and ear defenders.
    The helmet is very comfy, ear defenders work well and the visor is superb, I only wish I’d bought one years ago.

  4. Jim Lucas (verified owner)

    Very comfortable helmet. Was a bit tricky to assemble, but apart from that a great helmet.

  5. Bob Thomlinson (verified owner)

    Agree with Jim Lucas earlier – it was a bit fiddly to assemble some of the plastic-springy bits, but it’s very comfortable and stable and has much better ear protection than my previous cheapo job.

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