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Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet

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SKU: HU-585058401

The Husqvarna Forest Technical Helmet is a whole new design that includes a redesign of the way the visor and helmet protect the face while increasing visibility. A new aeration system has as well been applied, creating mild head temperatures. The Forest Technical Helmet may also be customized in various ways so that it can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

The Husqvarna protection helmet is as well extremely lightweight; hence if you wear extra ear protection, it will not weigh you down. Besides the added hearing protection, you may take this additional step and include the FM radio when you purchase the plug-in. A headlight slot is also integrated into this helmet to allow for even more accessories.

Thanks to one-handed ratchet function of Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet which means the operator has a new, simple, and quick way to adjust the size – even during use. Another modifiable feature is the simple mobility of the new screen for clear vision. Therefore, you can raise or lower it depending on the work and visibility factor. When it comes to putting a helmet on, there is often a build-up of heat, increased sweat, and a general deficiency of comfort. For this reason, Husqvarna has developed a new airing system with huge holes concealed with metal grilles to allow lower temperature without dirt or water entering the helmet.

The protective capacity of the helmet reduces when exposed to ultraviolet light (Sunlight). The UV progress indicator displays the current status of the mask and informs you when to replace it. This helps in ensuring that you are not ever caught off guard and therefore work towards keeping you healthy and safe while working.

Reflective parts at all viewpoints of the helmet ensure that it is visible regardless of its position when working in darker conditions. A calm 6-point textile harness is used for less pressure and comfort. It has an engraved visor for low light and low weight reduction. It also has vertically adjustable hearing protection – flexible in “standby”.

Product information

Pre-ventilated  yes
Replaceable lining yes
Date marking yes


UV stabilized yes


Approved for low temperature -30° C / -22° F
Approved for high temperature 50° C / 122.01° F

Noise reduction

SNR 26 dB(A)

2 reviews for Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet

  1. Jonny duncan (verified owner)

    Very well made and robust helmet
    Fits very well and the ear muffs work very well to muffle the sound
    Strong springs hold the ear muffs in place to
    Highly recommended

  2. Adam cross (verified owner)

    Great helmet very comfortable. Well made good ear muffs. Would highly recommend

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