Protos Integral Forest Helmet – One Size (Multiple Colours Available)



The Pfanner Protos Integral Forest Helmet is a totally unique concept in head protection providing maximum safety with total comfort. The many intelligent details make for easy handling, a perfect fit and comfortable wearing.

The forestry sector and its extremely variable requirements were the starting point for the development of the Protos® Integral principle. Because branches and other objects in the forest are very likely to get caught on components of head protection, all parts of the Protos® , from the visor to the hearing protection are integrated and make it impossible to get caught up.

With certification in accordance with EN397, EN 352-3 and EN1731, the Protos® Integral Forest is the perfect choice for the toughest applications and extreme weather conditions, from wet-cold to dry-hot temperatures.

The patented neck cradle system ensures a perfect fit to the head and as this gently hugs the nape of the neck, even when the hearing protection is not in use, the Protos® stays in position on the head and doesn’t fal

A large surface area combined with high visibility colours ensures increased visibility in the forest.

The ventilation slider system on the helmet crown allows active ventilation keeping the head cool in warmer conditions. The slider can be closed in colder and wet conditions. The slider system not only offers benefits in wear comfort but also serves as an additional bumper in case of impact, before the force penetrates to the main helmet shell.

The specially designed honeycomb patterned visor allows a greater field of vision and with the application of a special coating, rain and moisture runs off the visor. The visor is coated with an anti-glare finish to deflect dazzle from the sun. The rubber strip on the top edge creates a seal between the helmet and the visor to prevent water running onto the face.

Every adjustment of the Protos® accessories is easily done with the slightest of effort.

All hygiene pads are removable and can be machine-washed to maintain freshness.

Certification: EN397, EN 352-3 AND EN 1731

Ear Defenders: SNR 26dB



Orange, Black/Blue Metallic, Black/Pink, Blue/Yellow, Green/Yellow, Orange/Grey, Orange/Yellow, Red/Grey, Red/Yellow, White/Floral, Yellow/Grey


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