Stihl Advance X-Vent Helmet Set

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The Stihl Advance X-Vent Helmet is a vented helmet with slim profile ear protectors for comfort and mobility during operation and with the ratchet adjustment headband, it’s simple to set-up. Reflective stickers are visible from all angles to aid safe working. The sturdy spring steel mesh visor allows up to 80% light visibility for a protected and clear view.

Protective visor
For protection from sunlight, rain, snow or debris.

Spring steel mesh
By far the highest light transmission values. Very robust grid, honeycomb-like structure. Stainless steel material.

Helmet Ventilation
The thermography shows the new helmet set ADVANCE X-Vent / Vent with its ventilation openings distributed over the entire helmet shell allowing the heat to escape better for greater comfort.

Ear protection SNR 29 (H: 34, M: 27, L: 19)
Sound level dBA 109
Weight g 830
Helmet material ABS
Light penetration % 75 –80
Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 34.0 × 25.0 × 22.0 cm

10 reviews for Stihl Advance X-Vent Helmet Set

  1. TClarke

    Helmet arrived promptly from Radmore & Tucker. Good price as usual. You get what you pay for, and generally it’s worth spending that little bit extra for Stihl products, which are well-designed and built to high standards.
    The selling point of the Advance X-Vent helmet is its fine honeycomb steel mesh visor, which lets in plenty of light, apparently 80%. The extra visibility is useful in woodland and low light conditions.
    The ear protectors feel a little bit tight, but the helmet is not worn all day, just for strimming and chainsaw use, and I am very pleased with it.

  2. Andy A (verified owner)

    Best price I could find on the ‘Net’. Still expensive though. I defer to Stihl over Husky stuff but arguable which is better value. I must say the hat is sturdy – already been hit by a wayward brach – and the visor sensational. Some report a restriction of view at the edges, well they must have been wearing a different helmet !! Comfortable to wear all day. For light occasional use there’s maybe another option but for prolonged use and comfort you can’t go wrong.

  3. Malcolm Smith (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the helmet. It was comfortable and cool to wear in full sun for several hours. The ear defenders attenuated the noise of my hedge cutter to just the right degree. I still have to get the hang of easily adjusting the pressure of the ear cups. The visibility through the metal grill visor is excellent. That coupled with the additional ventilation and higher level of safety made this the ideal purchase for me, particularly at this price level.

  4. Mark Osborne (verified owner)

    Solid helmet – comfortable and with the right amount of ear protection. Visibility is excellent. Overall, very impressed.
    Very happy with R&T, good prices and service- my postcode did not show on the system so after a short email to Terri all was sorted very quickly. Very happy ?
    5* for item and the service!

  5. Mr p fascia (verified owner)

    I recently ordered a stihl advance x vent helmet . From radmore & tucker Ltd .it arrived in good time. fantastic customer service.highly recommend .

  6. Ben

    Great helmet and by far the best price I could find. Faultless customer service and fast shipping too ?

  7. Andy (verified owner)

    This is the first helmet I’ve used. It seems we’ll built & sturdy.
    RadmoreTucker are easy to deal with & the helmet arrived in good time.
    I’ve bought a few things from them. I’m looking forward to receiving a discount code soon prior to my next purchase ?

  8. Paul Griffin (verified owner)

    Customer service was brilliant, as always and speedy delivery. Can’t comment on the helmet yet … it’s a Christmas present from my wife so I am allowed to look at the box but not open it!

  9. John A

    I chose due to superior visor, like Husqvarna’s (better visibility, steel), dial size adjustment, comfort, longer life.
    Small cons are earpieces don’t fold back fully against hat, so can get caught, clipping 2nd earpiece into place can take 2 hands, not the lightest. Big con is a manufacture date 20 months ago, albeit ABS has longer life than cheaper helmets ( if stored out of sun and kept away from fuel etc), and aging is from UV so should not have come to harm in box.

  10. Nick Cook (verified owner)

    A good helmet. Comfortable and serves the purpose. A quick delivery from Radmore & Tucker.

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