Stihl Dynamic X-Ergo Helmet Set

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The Stihl Dynamic X-Ergo helmet set for professional use has a low weight of 800g which makes it comfortable to wear for those long working days. High level of ear protection (SNR 30). Metal mesh for optimum visibility with light penetration: 60%.

Its extendable push bar with locking positions for optional safety glasses, DYNAMIC Light Plus (available as an accessory). Vents in the upper part of the helmet shell. Complies with EN 352, EN 397, EN 1731.

Protective visor
For protection from sunlight, rain, snow or debris.

Metal mesh
Characterised mainly by a higher light throughput than nylon mesh visors, due to a more even surface. Damage to the visor can be easily smoothed out. Please note that the additional use of safety glasses is highly recommended.

Helmet Ventilation
The image shows a heat map of a person’s head whilst wearing the helmet set. Due to a range of vents distributed around the helmet, heat is allowed to escape efficiently for increased comfort during working.

Ear protection H:35; M:27; L:20)
Weight g 800
Helmet material ABS
Light penetration % 60
Sound level dBA 110
Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 31.0 × 26.0 × 18.5 cm

6 reviews for Stihl Dynamic X-Ergo Helmet Set

  1. Jon Proudfoot (verified owner)

    Great product but I am very disappointed that it did not come with the goggles/glasses shown in the picture. It only has the mesh for protection. I bought this helmet because of the goggles!!!!!!!

  2. Glenn (verified owner)

    Premium quality product, good fit, everything works as expected. Easy purchase process, communication and delivery all very satisfactory. Thanks

  3. Les Lock (verified owner)

    I too have just purchased this helmet and discovered that the integral glasses were a standard feature in 2019 but optional in 2020. The glasses were listed as a separate item in the 2019 catalogue but not in 2020. My helmet has a manufactured date of August 2019 so I was even more disappointed that there were no safety glasses. To be fair Stihl has sent me a pair of safety glasses bearing the 2019 part number but I am currently in discussion with them as I believe they actually fit a different model of helmet.
    If the glasses were considered to be necessary for wearer safety why make them an optional extra? I too bought them for that very feature.

  4. Darren Dean (verified owner)

    Hi thanks for a fast delivery and great staff. My helmet is fantastic it is not heavy and very comfortable there is a great view through mesh shield and my own impact safety glasses fit great. With thanks Darren

  5. Colin (verified owner)

    The hard hat arrived quickly. First impressions are a sturdy product, only used once so far, very pleased with it. Adjustment is easy and good, ear defenders fit well and the protective visor can be moved well out of the way when not required.

  6. John Watton (verified owner)

    A nicely made helmet with a fine metal mesh visor which gives better visibility than a plastic one. It is solid, yet lightweight and comfortable. As well as the knob adjustment for head diameter the inner harness has two positions for height on the head – I found the lower position more secure. I haven’t tried the attachment for the optional Stihl safety spectacles as I wear my own prescription safety glasses. I plan to use it for brushcutting, but it is also safety rated for chainsaw use. The visor folds well back with a double pivot and the ear defenders also fold back so that the whole hat is quite compact for storage.
    The price at Radmore & Tucker was very competitive, delivery was quick and the box was well packed in an outer box.

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