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SIP Innovation 2 Chainsaw Trousers Black/Red Type A

(1 customer review)

Front Protection Class 1 (20m/s)

£222.00 (inc VAT)


The SIP Innovation 2 Chainsaw Trousers Black/Red Type A poriginated due to user feedback.  After listening to out customers mose wanted qualities  we redesigned the trousers to be lightweigt, cool and comfortable. The Peztec and Pezaflex as outer fabrics to give them over half the qualities requested and the inside we made light weight using Dyneema fibres. Featuring a mesh ventilation system it helps to expel any excess body heat whilst the high density of the mesh keeps out the sawdust and bugs.


  • Water repellent TEFLON HD finish
  • Extremely lightweight DYNEEMA protection and PEZATEC outer fabrics
  • Mesh ventilation system
  • Perfect ergonomic fit
  • PEZAFLEX stretch inserts
  • Zipped pockets
  • Conforms to European Standard EN 381-5 – Class 1


(S) 30-32" Waist, (M) 32-34" Waist, (L) 36-38" Waist, (XL) 40-42" Waist, (XXL) 42-44" Waist

1 review for SIP Innovation 2 Chainsaw Trousers Black/Red Type A

  1. Carl Stoner

    Excellent trousers.
    Stylish, lightweight and great fitting.
    Definitely 5 STARS.
    Great customer service too.

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