Husqvarna Clear X Protective Glasses

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The Husqvarna Clear X Protective Glasses offer increased protection when you perform forestry or gardening work. The top-quality product is made of clear, non-scratch material to offer high levels of visibility and durability. They’re extendable glasses and feature angle-able lenses. Husqvarna has carefully designed these glasses to suit all sizes. Professionals worldwide use the Husqvarna Clear X Protective Glasses when performing work in the toughest environmental conditions. Stay safe and get the job done with Clear X protective glasses!

Benefits and Features

– The glasses feature clear lenses

– They’re scratch resistant, durable, and offer increased levels of protection

– The glasses offer high-levels of visibility

– They’re adjustable and designed to fit all sizes

– You can adjust the angle of the lenses to suit your needs

– They’re reliable and have an extensive lifespan

– The glasses are easy to use and to clean

– The product is made to the highest standards of performance and quality

How It Works

The Husqvarna Clear X Protective Glasses deliver superior protection to gardeners and forestry workers. They’re made of scratch-free and strong material for increased durability. Whatever the environmental conditions, you can get the job done safely. Professionals choose the Clear X Protective Glasses because of their reliability and high-performance. You can wear the glasses whenever you’re using lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, battery trimmers, commercial front mowers, riders, pole saws, hedge trimmers, brushcutters, and zero-turn mowers. The glasses are made for both professionals and beginners.

How to Use

The protective glasses are easy to use and to adjust. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the angle of the lenses and extend the frames. Use the product according to Husqvarna’s recommendations to maintain the validity of the warranty. The glasses are easy to clean. Only use the cleaning formulas and solutions recommended by Husqvarna. Store the product in a safe space and keep it away from any chemicals or dangerous solutions.

Meets requirements of EN 166, ANSI Z87+
Scratch resistant lens – Yes
Lens colour – Clear
Extendable lenses – Yes
Lenses angle-able – Yes


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