Stihl D-BA10 Diamond Cutting Disc/Wheel – For Concrete/Asphalt/All-Purpose

£165.67£288.90 (inc VAT)


Stihl D-BA10 diamond cutting wheels are real all-rounders, as they are ideal for cutting a huge range of materials including asphalt, brick, concrete, and reinforced hard concrete.

STIHL diamond cutting wheels meet the highest quality standards, and are versatile enough to handle a vast range of materials, particularly when used to cut natural stone, concrete and asphalt. The new range feature an attractive new segment design, offering better surface contact and enhanced cutting performance. The high quality, laser welded diamond segments offer a long service life, and a pre-tensioned steel core improves stability in the cut.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 300mm/12″
  • 350mm/14″
  • 400mm/16″


300mm/12", 350mm/14", 400mm/16"


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