Stihl Service Kit 48 (for FS 94, HL 94)

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With Service Kit 48 for STIHL petrol brushcutters and long-reach hedge trimmers you can carry out simple maintenance work on your machine yourself. Regular standard maintenance, such as replacing the air and fuel filters and the spark plug, increases the service life of your brushcutter and long-reach hedge trimmer. And because of this, you yourself can help to ensure that machine components and parts are protected from dirt and damage so your hedge trimmer always works reliably and with optimum performance.

Service Kit 48 for the FS 94 brushcutter and HL 94 long-reach hedge trimmer includes the following components for standard maintenance:

  • Fleece air filter
  • Spark plug
  • Fuel filter

The STIHL fleece filter offers good filter quality under different operating conditions. Coarse dirt particles are caught on the surface, while the fine dirt particles are retained inside the filter. In this way, the motor of your hedge trimmer is reliably protected against the ingress of abrasive dust. The performance is retained, the consumption is low and you can continue to start your machine with ease. The fuel filter ensures that no foreign particles get into the engine via the fuel. Regular replacement protects the motor and supports a long service life. In order to maintain performance, it is also recommended to regularly replace the spark plug for continued clean combustion in the engine.

For the maintenance of the air filter and spark plug, it is best to use the practical combination wrench that you received with your STIHL brushcutter and long-reach hedge trimmer. A cardboard hook is integrated in the packaging box of the service kit. This allows you to easily remove and replace the fuel filter. You do not need any additional tools.



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