Husqvarna LS+ 2 Stroke Oil 4 Litre

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Husqvarna LS+ 2 Stroke Oil is a high grade, high performance, semi-synthetic engine oil specifically designed with your valuable, hand-operated garden power tools in mind.

A mixture of mineral oil and synthetic oil technologies, Husqvarna LS+ 2 Stroke Oil provides premium lubrication and protection to high-stress-bearing engine components, reducing running temperatures and so prolonging engine life.

With its advanced hybrid formulation, Husqvarna LS+ 2 Stroke Oil protects engines against seizures of all kinds, helping to make both lean and carbon-related piston seizures a thing of the past.

Enhanced Operator Experience

Husqvarna LS+ 2 Stroke Oil has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professional and amateur gardeners alike. Optimised for use with chain saws and clearing saws up to 55cc. engine capacity, its combination of enhanced lubrication properties and low running temperature makes prolonged use of petrol-powered cutting tools a more comfortable and safer experience for the operator.

Caring for the Environment

Husqvarna LS+ 2 Stroke Oil builds on award-winning company Husqvarna’s reputation for producing powered garden tools with environment-friendly credentials. Incorporating Husqvarna’s Low Smoke + technology, Husqvarna LS+ 2 Stroke Oil helps minimise smoke and exhaust emissions, enhancing operator safety and comfort whilst making the oil particularly suitable for use in high-density urban environments. Its state-of-the-art lubrication properties help reduce fuel usage, too.


Husqvarna LS+ 2 Stroke Oil 4 Litre is suitable for use in a wide range of 2 stroke engines of all makes up to 55cc. capacity and is, of course, recommended for use with all Husqvarna products meeting this specification.

Husqvarna LS+ 2 Stroke Oil 4 Litre is used in a 50:1 mixture* with regular unleaded petrol.

Upgrade the performance of your petrol-powered garden tools with Husqvarna LS+ 2 Stroke Oil 4 Litre – widely recommended by private and professional users as the trusted, best-value route to protecting and prolonging the lifespan of your important machinery.

(*Please always read and follow manufacturers’ guidelines and instructions before using.)


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