Husqvarna Wooden Carpenters Axe

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The Husqvarna Wooden Carpenters Axe is lightweight, easily portable and perfect for out-door use in open land and forests. It’s suitable for a range of simple tasks such as carpentry or chopping up wood for a campfire.

Husqvarna provide strong, well-designed axes forged in Sweden using Swedish axe steel. These Swedish blades can keep sharp even after days of constant use. If these high-quality axes are taken care of, they can last a long time.

The compact Husqvarna Wooden Carpenters Axe comfortably fits into backpacks and can even be attached to belts if you use the leather edge cover that comes with the product. Both a wooden and a steel wedge have been used in the hickory shaft to ensure the head of the axe is securely fastened to the handle. To give you steadiness and precision, the cutting edge of the axe is long and straight with a thin blade.

A classical wooden design, the handle is made with American hickory. The grain is clean and straight with enough density to perform powerful strikes without fear of damaging the axe. To make sure you always have a good grip of the handle, it is treated with an oil instead of varnish. When treated with oil there is less risk of losing hold of the axe or misplacing your swing.

The recess is close to the cutting edge, so you have maximum control over the axe. Below the axe head there is a shoulder which gives you a place to hold when operating the axe single handed. The end of the axe is sufficiently bulky and acts as a great area to grip whether you are using one or both hands. There is a hole at the end so you can thread a strap through it to aid any transportation.

For storage it is advised you avoid keeping your axe in damp conditions. The axe should ideally be cleaned after every use.

Length 50cm
Wooden Handle

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1 review for Husqvarna Wooden Carpenters Axe

  1. Arthur Frederick Carroll (verified owner)

    Excellent Purchase, cleaves through softwood with ease, very precise, handle long enough to get substantial force, and choke grip allows for detailed work, leather cap very useful, sharp and heavy enough for rough planing. handle greatly benefits from extra oiling.

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