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Husqvarna Aluminium Felling Wedge 22cm 550g

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One of the great tools that no professional tree feller would ever leave at home when venturing into the woods to fell trees would be a felling wedge. Besides your chainsaw and axe, this is one of the most valuable tools to have on your Husqvarna tool belt.

The Husqvarna felling wedge is forged from aluminium with a length of 22cm and a weight of 550g. When needed the wedge can easily be filed to reshape it. The wedge has a barbed surface on the one side which helps to prevent the wedge from slipping backwards when being hammered into the felling cut.

The purpose of the felling wedge is firstly to help determine the direction of the fall of a tree, secondly to protect the saw against lean back from a tree or thirdly to prevent the saw from being pinched.

The size of the tree you are cutting down will determine what felling tools will be necessary, in some instances no tools are needed, some cases a breaking bar might be sufficient but if greater felling force is needed a felling wedge must be used. The wedge usually will have a maximum lifting height of between 50- 60mm.

To overcome the lean back of a large tree when the user requires the tree to fall in a certain direction, a felling wedge is employed, the user then saws a back cut where more than one wedge can be driven in to control the direction of the tree’s fall.

Felling wedges provide sufficient lifting force for medium and large trees, normally before the felling cut is completed, the felling wedge is inserted and knocked in with the back of an axe or an impact breaking bar.

It is preferable to use a wedge made of aluminium which is a softer material if you accidentally cut into the wedge with the chainsaw. The risk of damaging the chain is reduced when using aluminium instead of steel.

Besides, being used to wedge trees being felled the felling wedge can also be used to split logs for easier transport, the integrated grooves on the wedge help to guide the felling wedge.

Another popular use is to split firewood with the felling wedge and because the aluminium is forged it has great strength, which makes it ideal to be used on frozen wood as well. The aluminium won’t splinter when being hit with a splitting hammer reducing the risk of possible injury. The wedge might develop a burr at the area of impact which can easily be filed away.






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