Husqvarna Tool Belt Complete

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With the Husqvarna Tool Belt Complete, you can keep your tools close to hand in one lightweight, easy to wear tool belt. The Husqvarna Tool Belt Complete is black, blue and orange in design, making it both professional and stylish. It is ideal for both trade use and personal needs that require tools within easy reach for forestry and gardening work. As this tool belt is made to be extra wide in style, it now offers added additional support when carrying your tools. This makes it the perfect choice for those who require sustained back support for forestry, gardening or any demanding activity where you need tools at hand.

The Husqvarna Tool Belt Complete keeps everything you need within easy reach and comes equipped with all the essentials you would expect from a complete tool belt. These include:

1 x Tool Belt

1 x Holster for first aid kit and accessories

1 x 15m Tape Measure

1 x Screw Kit

2 x PVC Holsters for tong and hook

1 x 20cm Timber tong

1 x Log hook

It features two holster compartments, a rear tool carrier feature, a lifting hook as well as a lifting tong and profiled box. Ergonomically designed, the Husqvarna Tool Belt Complete will keep all your tools close by without getting in the way when carrying out essential tasks. Moreover, as the Husqvarna Tool Belt Complete comes unassembled, it is easy to choose and personalise how you wish to construct your tool belt for ease of use, comfort and to maximise its functional ability. Simply rivet-screw where each pocket would work best for you. There is also enough space on the tool belt for you to add additional items, such as a swiss-army knife or leatherman, along with the ability to hang a chainsaw multi tool if desired. Despite its capacity to hold all the tools you need for your project, the Husqvarna Tool Belt Complete is so light and comfortable to wear, you can work all day without feeling weighed down.

The Husqvarna Tool Belt Complete has been designed with longevity and innovation in mind and is made from heavy duty materials in order to stand the test of time. Alongside its durability, the Husqvarna Tool Belt Complete can also be adjusted to fit a number of different sizes and offers good value for money for those looking to find an easy to use and multi-functional tool belt.



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