Husqvarna Rear Tool Carrier

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The Husqvarna Rear Tool Carrier is an exceptional product designed to store and carry tools during fieldwork. It comes with some incredible features that make it one of a kind.

Features of The Husqvarna Rear Tool Carrier

  • Durability- the carrier is made with sturdy material that can withstand a lot of harsh conditions. The material is also designed in such a way that it cannot be damaged easily, and the colour is suitable because it does not get dirty quickly.
  • Versatility- the carrier is very versatile because it can be used to carry a wide variety of items. It is built to carry a maximum of 10 tools. In addition to the wide range of products it can carry, the carrier can also be used to carry a first aid kit.
  • Convenience- the fact that you can carry different tools with you while working makes it very convenient. You, therefore, do not have to walk away from your work to perform tasks like the sharpening of tools as you can carry your file with you. The fact that it comes with a pocket for storing the first aid kit also makes it more convenient and handy than other tool carriers in the market. Another feature is that the storage spaces are evenly spread throughout the belt. This feature helps to spread the weight.
  • Amount of space- the Husqvarna Rear Tool Carrier features an ample storage space for different tools and first aid kit.
  • Cost- the Husqvarna Rear Tool carrier is reasonably priced compared to other tool carriers on the market. The price, however, does not compromise on the quality of the tool.

Tools that you can keep on the Husqvarna Rear Tool Carrier

  • Files- the carrier comes with a holster on which you can carry a file. You can use the file to sharpen your tools while working. It also comes with a holster for the file gauge.
  • First aid kit- the carrier comes with a large storage pocket for first aid kit. The pouch is large enough to hold all the first aid tools you require.

• Spanner and tape measure – it also features a storage space for a combination spanner and tape measure.

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