Husqvarna Straight Pruning Saw 300ST

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The Husqvarna Straight Pruning Saw 300ST is a straight, rigid saw blade that boasts impulse-hardened toothing features. It belongs to the modern generation of Husqvarna saws and has a length of about 400 mm. These features guarantee quiet operation, top sawing performance, prolonged life span, and effort-saving sawing.

The 300ST straight pruning saw is perfect for dry and fresh wood thanks to the unique smooth pulling cut. Replacing the saw blade is effortless and the blade is also rustproof. Along with the eyelet that you use to hang the saw, you’ll also get a blade cover to store it securely and in a safe place.

You don’t need to worry about the saw slipping during the sawing process thanks to the stop fitted at the end of the handles. The stop is useful, especially during the pulling moments, which guarantees smooth progress. The saw fits safely and comfortably in your hand thanks to the slightly angled and ergonomic handle shape.

Unique Features of 300ST Husqvarna Straight Pruning Saw

 Easy Sawing – High quality materials, a superb sawing performance as well as the exceptional ergonomics assures easy sawing with minimal use of force.

Safe handling – You can lock the saw in various positions. It’s safe to use the saw in both open and closed conditions.

Smooth and Clean Cut – Accurate branch cuttings are guaranteed thanks to the hard-chrome-plated saw blade that boasts an impulse-hardened precision toothing alongside triple grinding. The manufacturer promises a significantly easier notching.

Rust-proofed – A hard-chrome-plated blade saw ensures that you enjoy a corrosion-free saw for a prolonged period.

Quality blade – The saw blade incorporates high quality and durable steel material that makes it cut easily.

The Advantages of Using the Husqvarna 300ST Pruning Saw

 It is perfect for enthusiasts and professionals due to the easy manoeuvrability in trees that have close branches.

  • The straight blades allow you to manipulate the hinge wood for the perfect log felling techniques.
  • It is easier to control the straight blade saws and clipping the close branches is less likely than when using the curved blades.
  • It comes with a holster.
  • It cuts great and stays sharp for many years.



2 reviews for Husqvarna Straight Pruning Saw 300ST

  1. Ross (verified owner)

    Great website and service from Radmore Tucker, especially impressed as I haven’t bought from here before but will definitely recommend! Item came quickly despite being just before Christmas and was immaculately and safely packaged. The saw is high quality and was the best online price, even compared to eBay, incl. postage! Thanks :)

  2. Mr Nigel

    Got this saw as a backup failsafe for doing some camp clearance and around the yard , cuts really well and handle is comfortable. It likes the green trunks and branches up to about 3″ diameter with no problem.

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