Portek Charger 8.5 Ton Impact Log Splitter

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The Portek Charger is the fastest log splitter on the market today now with an improved 8.5-ton impact. The Portek Charger is a super-fast, powerful and portable machine, with the build quality you expect from Portek. With a convenient handle, strong chassis and wheels, the Charger can easily be positioned on any flat ground, ready to start work.

Two large spinning flywheels, powered by a 1.5kw electric motor, drive the powerful ram with a force of 8.5 tonnes. The machine uses kinetic energy to hit your logs with high impact; cutting them quickly and safely.

For the release mechanism, two hands are needed. One to engage the drive mechanism, the other to release the ram. The ram springs back in no time at all, ready for the next log. The heavy-duty steel guards ensure you are safe from the mechanics – and the safety switch is located next to the handles, for extra fast stopping if required.

The Charger 8.5 ton impact log splitter uses kinetic energy to split logs in an instant. With a cycle time of under one second, this is truly the fastest log splitter you’ve ever seen. It works as fast as you do – no waiting around and no tiring crouching as with slow hydraulic machines.

Extensively field-tested with Portek’s own design it’s a robust and amazing machine to save time and backache!


  • x 10 faster than a hydraulic log splitter
  • Has a high impact force of 8.5 tonnes
  • Uses kinetic energy to split your logs – fast!
  • Can cut through tough, knotty wood
  • Portable and easily positioned


Size: 1070 x 320 x 570mm
Power / Voltage: 1.5 KW / 220-240v
Log Capacity Max. Length: 400mm
Log Capacity Max. Diameter: 300mm
Max. Splitting Force: 8.5 Ton
Nett Weight: 73.0 Kg

3 reviews for Portek Charger 8.5 Ton Impact Log Splitter

  1. Simon Calvin (verified owner)

    Great bit of kit. Fast, efficient, easy to use, fool proof. So much better than a conventional splitter.

  2. David Glassey (verified owner)

    Got this instead of buying firewood this year. Used it the first time yesterday, actually I didn’t use it, my wife did. She thinks it is awesome. She even managed to split large knotty pieces that I would have struggled to cleave with a maul and wedges. Impressive, but it can be a bit noisy if you don’t get the timings perfect with the controls.

  3. Simon

    I did a lot of research on the best and quickest log splitters, the Portek Charger came up top of the research. I’m not disappointed, while it does struggle on some of the more gnarly logs it sails through the majority. I’ve got a lot of logs to split so this will be a game changer for me. On a separate note, Radmore & Tucker were excellent, I purchased on-line, they called me shortly after and arranged next day delivery, amazing service. The chap that dropped it off was super helpful and chirpy, I will not hesitate to use this company in the future.

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