Silky Super Accel Curve 21 Professional Folding Saw 210mm

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The Super Accel 21 Curve is designed for aggressive cutting. The scraper-shaped GOKAI-ME teeth remove remaining saw dust and make rip cuts, cross cuts, and slant cuts with ease. The electroless nickel plating coats the entire blade to give it stronger rust resistance and greater durability. The handle features a light and comfortable rubber grip with a rigid aluminum chassis. The Super Accel has consistently been a popular choice for arborists and gardeners alike. Suitable for all pruning tasks and outdoor activities.

  • Blade length: 210 mm, 8 1/3”
  • Teeth type: GOKAI-ME
  • Teeth Per 30mm/in: 8/6.8
  • Kerf (mm): 1.3
  • Blade plating: Nickel
  • Weight (g): 210 (blade only: 50g)
  • Country of manufacture: Japan
  • Product type: Folding saw


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