Husqvarna Grass Blade 8-Tooth

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Cutting the grass helps to make it look more aesthetically pleasing and healthier. Therefore, you need to acquire proper quality cutting tools to help you achieve this. Finding the right grass blade is a great starting point.

The Husqvarna Grass Blade 8-Tooth Features

The Husqvarna grass blade 8-tooth is suitable for different grass-cutting needs. It can be used on both dense and coarse grass. However, note that it does not do well on woody growth. The 8-tooth blade works in such a way that the grass falls onto the blades, hence allowing for neat rows. The blade fits different kinds of brush cutters and trimmers like the 129R, 129RJ and the 525LK, respectively. The fact that it is an 8-tooth blade also makes it more convenient. It is faster and easy to use.

The blade is manufactured from sturdy material that lasts for a long time. It is also resistant to conditions like rust and corrosion, hence increasing its durability. The blade is easy to sharpen and it’s a great price compared to other brands in the market.

Why Do You need Quality Grass Cutting Blades?

The first benefit of using good quality blades is that it helps to make the task easy. Using a lower-quality blade makes it difficult to complete the cutting process easily. Acquiring a Husqvarna cutting blade will provide a longer lifespan. Most importantly, a good grass blade will help to maintain the health of your lawn. If the grass is not cut correctly, it tends to affect how it grows back, its quality, and its health.

Maintaining the Husqvarna Grass Blade 8-Tooth

To maintain blades like the Husqvarna grass blade 8-tooth, you need to keep them sharpened. This helps them work more efficiently and effortlessly. Make sure to store it in a place that is dry. Also, note that you need to clean it after use before storing it. Storing it in a damp or wet environment can affect the lifespan of the blade.


It fits the 129R Brushcutter and the 525LK Trimmer.

Grass 250-8 (1“) / Ø250 mm



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