Husqvarna 553RBX Backpack Petrol Brushcutter/Strimmer (50.6cc)

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Husqvarna 553RBX Backpack Petrol Brushcutter is one of the most robust products of its kind in the market. It is designed in such a way that it can cut the most robust grass and brushes hence clearing the most challenging terrains. In addition to this feature, several other elements make this product among the best in the market.

  • The harness – the brushcutter is supplied with is a uniquely designed harness that allows for minimum strain when using the product. The harness features padding that is designed to make using the product comfortable.
  • The engine – features an X-Torq engine. The design helps to reduce the amount of harmful emissions. It reduces emissions by up to 75% and also decreases the consumption of fuel by 20%.
  • Handle – it comes with a J-handle. The handle design allows for great versatility. It is also easy to operate and extremely ergonomic for the user.
  • Starter – the Husqvarna 553RBX Backpack Petrol Brushcutter comes with a stand-alone starter. The starter makes it easy to change the starter cord whenever it is needed.
  • Fuel pump – Its fuel pump design makes it easy to start the machine. It also allows for low fuel consumption.
  • Cutting attachment – the product features a cutting attachment comb-guard. This allows it to be used with either grass or blade trimmer heads. It also provides a fast trimming action. The cutting equipment is placed parallel to the ground. This allows for trouble-free work and smooth functioning. It also features a twin line cutting system that comes with a Tap and Go element that allows for quick line feed.
  • Gear – The transmission and the bevel gear also work together with the strong trimmer head to allow for smooth functioning. The bevel gear is designed in such a way that it provides high torque.


Comfortable padded harness.
Equipped with J-handle for greater versatility.
Fuel pump designed for easy starting.
The stand alone starter makes it easy to change starter cord if needed.
Comfortable handle design.
Twin line cutting system with Tap ‘n Go for quick line feed.

Technical Data

Cylinder displacement 50.6 cm³
Power output 2.3 kW
Maximum power speed 9500 rpm
Fuel tank volume 0.8 litre
Idling speed 2800 rpm


Trimmer head T45X M12
Grass blade multi
Integrated Harness

EAN 7391883709818
Manufacturers Product Code 966780201
Warranty 1 Year
Fuel Type Petrol
Ignition Type Recoil
Weight 12.1Kg
Engine Size 50.6cc
Power Type



2 reviews for Husqvarna 553RBX Backpack Petrol Brushcutter/Strimmer (50.6cc)

  1. Martin Morris (verified owner)

    I wanted a powerful strimmer / brush cutter and this machine ticks all the boxes !
    Easy to assemble and brilliant to use. You need to be a strong person to operate it
    but the results are outstanding. The cutting disc takes no prisoners while the engine purrs away on your back. Good on fuel and not too awkward to put on while the engine is running. A good helmet with visor is a must because when you are in full flow grass and dust will be flying in all directions. Great machine and worth the extra money.

  2. JDL (verified owner)

    I am strong, but female strong. Although the majority of the weight is in the backpack now, the wand is heavy and acts as a lever – a combination which means it’s not actually much easier than a normal strimmer with a good harness.
    Also our one didn’t work at all – wouldn’t start properly and kept cutting out. I’m sure Radmore and Tucker will refund us and send back as it must be a dud as Husqvarna usually make such good quality.

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