Husqvarna Balance XT Harness

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The new Husqvarna Balance XT Harness comes with several incredible features that allow for added comfort and safety. Some of these features include;

  • Straps- every harness comes with straps. However, the Husqvarna Balance XT Harness’ straps are quite wide and conveniently padded. The padding makes them extra comfortable to wear. The padding also reduces stress on both the upper body and the shoulders when using the harness. The straps are also body-hugging. This feature increases safety and comfort levels. The straps are also made with reflex materials. The materials make the straps more comfortable to work even in dim conditions.
  • Belt- the harness also comes with a hip belt that allows for added comfort and safety. The belt is very easy to reach hence effortless to work. It also comes with a pocket. The pocket can be used to hold different tools and a mobile phone while working. Also, the hip belt features a floating pad system. The system helps to reduce strain on the back. It also does not require a lot of energy to work. It can be connected in both grass and a forest position. The belt is easy to adjust at the front but can be used in two situations by both men and women.
  • Backplates- the harness is designed with backplates. The backplates allow for easy use. The backplates also help to increase the comfort levels when using the harness. They also make the harness safer and easier to use.
  • Hip pads- the hip pad of the Husqvarna Balance XT Harness is shock absorbing. It comes in handy in case of accidents. It makes the harness safer and more comfortable as well.
  • Release- the harness comes with a quick-release feature. The feature makes it easy to work the harness. It also makes it easy to adjust the product.

The handy balance harness is conveniently priced and readily available for people in different places. It is manufactured using incredible materials that help to increase its life span. It is also quite sturdy that you do not have to worry about any accidents.

The harness can be used for climbing. It is much safer than conventional methods of line tying a rope around the waist. It is especially handy when it comes to dangerous situations in steeper environments. Husqvarna Balance XT Harness can also be used on grass because it is a multi-purpose harness.

Adjustment for grass or forest position – Yes
Back plates – Yes
Floating pad system – Yes
Hip support – Yes
Padded shoulder straps – Yes
Pocket – Yes
Quick release – Yes
Shock absorbing hip-pad – Yes
Reflex material – Yes
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