Husqvarna T45X Strimmer Head

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The Husqvarna T45X Strimmer Head is as exceptional as it gets when it comes to trimmer accessories. Its features are professionally designed to cater to anyone looking for the highest efficiency.

The head has an integrated line feeding system called “Tap ‘n go”. Exclusively designed by Husqvarna. The trimmer line is fed automatically when the head is pushed into the ground. This means that the user always controls when the line is fed and the line can be fed while working with the machine

The cord size of the trimmer head ranges from 2.7 to a maximum of 3.3 mm, providing flexibility on the work it can handle. The head also features an open eyelet that makes it convenient when feeding the cord in the system. The new system is also made to fit different models within the Husqvarna trimmer line of products.

The head specifications can be used for trimming dense as well as coarse grass, but not for woody growth. The ability to be used for different grass lengths and thicknesses adds efficiency to work.

The durability of the head is rated 5/5 as its materials are optimised for a prolonged lifespan. The parts of the head are also exchangeable so you can install and exchange parts whenever necessary.


Cord feed – Semiautomatic

For straight shaft trimmers

Fits engine size – lt /gt /42 cc

Ball bearing – Yes

Cord size Min 2.7 mm

Cord size Max 3.3 mm



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