Stihl AutoCut 2-2 Brushcutter/Strimmer Head

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Two lines, for mowing and clearing work. Mowing lines are automatically extended by tapping the mowing head on the ground.

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3 reviews for Stihl AutoCut 2-2 Brushcutter/Strimmer Head

  1. Janet Biggs (verified owner)

    I bought an Autocut 2-2 replacement head for my FSA 56 strimmer as one of the brass eyelets, through which the line passes, got bent and fell out.
    The correct part came speedily. Unfortunately the 40-page manual that came with it had one page with three diagrams, (numbered 1-3(sic)-3), for replacing only the spool not the entire head. (The rest of the manual were safety instructions for using the strimmer in 29 languages!).
    I contacted Radmore & Tucker for the correct instructions. A gentleman kindly phoned me and told me to use a screwdriver in the hole on the casing then unscrew the head. Unfortunately, you need a torx-type screwdriver but I do not know what size. Also there is a circlip that needs removing, a replacement came with the new head, but the man at Radmore & Tucker did not mention anything about that. I did buy the correct circlip pliers and removed the circlip but was unable to remove the head.
    I contacted Stihl directly and after sending a second email to prompt them, I got a reply to say I need to take my FSA 56 to an approved Stihl dealer workshop.
    I have checked a number of websites selling Autocut 2-2 but they all say it is for FSA 56 but NONE say it has to be fitted by an authorised dealer!
    So, for FSA 56’s this part is NOT a replacement head you can fit yourself. I am extremely annoyed that a minor fault now means I have to make a trip to a dealership!

  2. Colin Gautrey (verified owner)

    Bought a new cutter head to replace old one having had the same problem twice before the brass eyelets are a weak problem with the design and soon wear and fall out.Easy job to replace new head DIY.Supplied as advertised and on time.

  3. Philip Sanderson (verified owner)

    Excellent price fast delivery great company

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