Stihl DuroCut 40-4 Mowing Head

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The Stihl DuroCut can be very easily filled from the outside with cut lengths of line, including a new extra tough serrated line that comes ready in pre-cut lengths. This makes it ideal for both occasional and professional users, with simplicity and speed when re-filling the line head.

Filling the new DuroCut heads is a simple and quick task, with no more dismantling heads or need to wind-on long lengths of mowing line. Instead the user pre-cuts the mowing line to specified lengths, and then feeds it into a sleeve where it is clamped secure and ready to get straight to work. Each of the new DuroCut heads can be fitted with two mowing lines.

Suitable for the following Stihl Machines:

  • FS300
  • FS310
  • FS350
  • FS360C
  • FS400
  • FS410C
  • FS450
  • FS460C
  • FS480
  • FS490C
  • FS560C

1 review for Stihl DuroCut 40-4 Mowing Head

  1. Roger Watson (verified owner)

    I have been using one of these already this season, so have some experience. This sits somewhere between a blade and an ordinary line head – and suits a mix of grass and tougher weeds typical of mid to late summer. It will take off smaller bramble shoots, but not really tough woody stuff. Make sure you have a sufficiently powerful machine, and you can use with 4 x 3mm lines or 2 x 4mm lines – again depending on what you are cutting. Oregon Flexiblade (cut to length) works well, or Stihls own packets of pre cut lengths. Line definitely seems to last longer if kept under water until day of use. It is wasteful of line compared to a bump feed – they will need replacing about every hour or so. Only minor criticism is that the lines can be difficult to remove, so a pair of pliers should be carried with spare lines.

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