Camon HA10 Hand Aerator

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The HA10 CAMON Lawn Aerator is a simple and effective way to spike, hollow corer or chisel tine your lawn. A versatile hand tool designed to help you regularly aerate every part of your lawn, improving the health of your grass by allowing water, oxygen and nutrients into the soil.

Built to last, the HA10 has 10 holes in which to place tines, making possible to adjust hole spacing according to your needs.

Different lawns may also require different types of aeration, particularly at different times of the year. For this reason we offer 6 different tine options and 10 tine locations in which to position them, to maximise the aeration affect you would like to have on your lawn.

Changing between the tines is quick and easy to do and you can add to the tines you require by purchasing them individually or as sets.



10mm Spikes, 15mm Spikes, 20mm Chisel Tines, 30mm Chisel Tines, 40mm Chisel Tines, Hollow Corers, No Tines (Frame Only)


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