Husqvarna File Kit .325″ X-Cut 587806801 (for S35G, C33, C35)

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A sharp chainsaw chain is essential for your saw to operate with precision and efficiency. Over time and depending on what material you are cutting, a chainsaw’s chain will become blunt. This is especially true when cutting on a regular basis. The more you use your chainsaw, the more frequently you need to sharpen its chain. Properly maintaining your chainsaw and its chain ensures your work is easier and safer. A key accessory for your chainsaw is a sharpening file, which you can use to keep your chain in good working order and correctly sharpened. Husqvarna produces high quality file kits to maintain your equipment chainsaw.

Product Description

The Husqvarna file kit includes everything you need to keep your chain in the best possible working condition. Whether you are a professional or domestic user, this kit makes maintaining your chain easy. With gauges and different types of files, everything you need to sharpen your equipment is included to help make its operation safer and more efficient. A stump vice should be used to securely hold the bar of your chainsaw. This will help keep your hands free for filing.

Product Specifications

This complete chainsaw sharpening kit from Husqvarna includes a flat file and two round files. A file handle is included and locks flat and round files securely in place. The kit also includes gauges for use with round and flat files to ensure you get the correct filing angle when sharpening your chain. Either a combination gauge or a file gauge and depth gauge is included with this kit. The sharpening kit is designed for a chain pitch of 3/8 inches. Using this kit on your Husqvarna chainsaw ensures the best possible results.




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