Husqvarna BLi550X Backpack Battery

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Husqvarna BLi550X Backpack Battery is a heavy-duty and high capacity battery backpack that is the ideal solution for outdoor work when you are far from a power outlet.

The battery pack is compatible with a range of Husqvarna hedge trimmers, grass trimmers and brushcutters including:

Hedge Trimmers



Grass Trimmers

520iLX – Skin Only



The battery is a 36-volt Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 15.6Ah which makes it the ideal battery to keep large devices running for hours, while it is comfortably housed in its perfectly fitting ergonomic harness.

The battery can be detached easily from the harness which makes it unnecessary to swap harnesses when sharing the battery with another user. Attached to the harness are ergonomic adjustable straps which ensure that the harness fits comfortably whatever the shape of your body, this helps to reduce any strain or fatigue while busy working. The battery unit has a pivoting fixing point on the belt which allows the harness to follow shoulder movements for greater comfort.

The backpack weighs 7.9 kilograms and with the harness, it is easy to move around while carrying it on your back. The battery has a detachable support foot which is ideal for placement on flat surfaces and during transport. The built-in support foot also serves as a storage space for personal equipment. The rugged battery case protects the battery against any bumps or scratches while being used and can easily withstand normal wear and tear. Several fixing points on the harness guide the battery cable into the best working position.

The battery has a convenient LED display at the bottom of the backpack where you can get an estimate of the remaining charge in the battery and if you require a more accurate reading you can use the adapter display to get an exact percentage of the available charge.

Perfect fit
The ergonomic harness can be adjusted for all body sizes, resulting in less strain on your back and shoulders.
Checking the battery level
Clear LED display on the battery and even more exact power status on the adapter to the product mean you can quickly see when the battery needs recharging.
Personal storage space
The built-in support foot also serves as a storage space for personal equipment.
Great mobility
The pivoting fixing point on the belt makes it possible for the harness to follow the movement of your shoulders, making sure you always work efficiently and comfortably.

Battery capacity 15.6 Ah
Battery type Lithium Ion
Battery voltage 36 V



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