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Husqvarna BLi950X Backpack Battery

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The BLi950X backpack is a high-tech 36V lithium-ion battery mounted in a comfortable backpack hitch. It is designed to use Husqvarna battery sequence products all day long when it comes to large commercial garden projects.

Husqvarna Series tools provide fantastic performance and power, however, with no fumes, noise, and operating costs normally associated with gasoline combustion machines. Additionally, the range includes several professional landscaping equipment, including brush cutters, chainsaws, and hedge trimmers that can handle even the most demanding commercial garden maintenance tasks. However, for a more extended operation period, ensure you have a source of power that can sustain you until the task is complete.

Husqvarna BLi950X battery makes the Duracell Bunny seem relatively flexible when it comes to lasting power. Impressively convenient and lightweight 36V lithium-ion battery mounted in a comfortable rucksack harness, the BLi950X is specially designed to keep expert contractors and gardeners working the whole day without the need to continually stop to replace or charge the batteries. With air-cooled sealed power cells, electronically managed for durability, and no cool-down time after charging, the BLi950X battery is extremely efficient and reliable. With a charging capacity of 31.1Ah, it can give up to 11 hours with one battery.

The BLi950X Battery Backpack ergonomic design offers convenience and comfort, plus long-lasting power, which may be necessary when it comes to broader landscape and horticultural management projects. The harness is fully adjustable and has padded straps and a hip belt for protection and comfort. Additionally, the inclusion of a swivel attachment point on the strap ensures the harness follows shoulder movement, guaranteeing the complete freedom of movement. Safe cable guides help to remove the battery cable while you are working.

For added convenience, both the adapter and battery have a convenient LED charging display, so you can easily see when to charge and manage your workday, while the multipurpose adapter unit is made for everyone. Products from the Husqvarna battery series, make it easy to shift between different products when the job calls for it. All these features will assist you to enjoy the advantages of Husqvarna’s innovative battery technology while operating comfortably for a long time. This makes the BLi950X Battery Haversack an essential acquisition for everyone in urban areas where the noisiest gasoline equipment would be an unwanted source of interference.

Perfect fit
The ergonomic harness can be adjusted for all body sizes, resulting in less strain on your back and shoulders.
Checking the battery level
Clear LED display on the battery and even more exact power status on the adapter to the product mean you can quickly see when the battery needs recharging.
Personal storage space
The built-in support foot also serves as a storage space for personal equipment.
Great mobility
The pivoting fixing point on the belt makes it possible for the harness to follow the movement of your shoulders, making sure you always work efficiently and comfortably.

Battery capacity 31.1 Ah
Battery type Lithium Ion
Battery voltage 36 V



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