Husqvarna QC80 12V In-Car Battery Charger (80W)

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Husqvarna offers users of their cordless battery-powered tools all the necessary accessories to ensure that they can operate and perform to their peak. With all battery-powered Husqvarna outdoor equipment, the battery is one of the most important items and should always be kept charged and ready to perform when needed.

The QC 80 Battery charger from Husqvarna is a charger specially made to function with the high capacity batteries powering their range of cordless tools, the charger is vital in ensuring battery health.

The charger is compact and weighs 1kg and can be run from 240v and comes equipped with a socket. The charger is compatible with the BLi range of battery packs by Husqvarna including: Bli10, BLi20, BLi100, BLi200, up to the BLi3000 battery.

Charging time needed for the different battery packs will vary across the range and the QC 80 Charger will typically charge the batteries from zero up to 80% between 50 minutes for the Bli10 and up to 4hours for the Bli300 battery. To charge the batteries up to 100% will take up to 1hour and 15minutes for the Bli10 and up to 4hours and 25 minutes for the Bli300 battery. The charging time for the other batteries in the BLi range will vary. Correct charging and maintenance ensures that your workflow doesn’t get interrupted.

The charger is fitted with LED lights to indicate that the battery is charging and also when the battery is fully charged. The charger also has an indicator button which can be pushed to check on the status of the battery, a fully charged battery will be indicated when all the LED lights come on.

The Husqvarna QC80 battery charger plays a vital role in keeping your battery-powered Husqvarna outdoor tools running at full power and your batteries healthy.


1 review for Husqvarna QC80 12V In-Car Battery Charger (80W)

  1. Jim (verified owner)

    My original charger started playing up and so ordered up this replacement. As expected it worked straight out of the box.
    Once again great service from R&T and with next day delivery I had no down-time on the garden tasks with my Husqvarna cordless tools. Many thanks R&T.

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