Stihl HSE 71 600W Electric Hedge Trimmer (Corded 230V)

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Product Update: The power cable has been reduced from 10m to 0.5m in length, meaning both models must now be used with a 1 socket extension lead. This is to keep in line with international (IEC 62841) standards for safety.

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The Stihl HSE71 is a High-performance 600 Watt electric hedge trimmer with 2-stage reduction gear with low stroke rate and high torque for thicker branches.The Stihl HSE71 has a 5-position rotary handle, transparent hand guard, laser-cut and diamond ground blades.


Laser-cut diamond-ground blades

Each blade is laser cut and ground using diamond discs. The hardened cutting edges are highly resilient and remain sharp for a longer period of time.

5-position rotary handle

Practical rotary handle with integral armrest. Select from five settings between 0 and +/- 90 degrees.

Triple switch system

The STIHL electric hedge trimmers HSE 61, HSE 71 and HSE 81 come with the practical triple switch system to increase working range.

Cable strain relief

The cable strain relief prevents the power cable from becoming accidentally disconnected.

Technical data

Power output W 600
Cable length 50cm
Tooth spacing mm 36
Weight kg 1) 4.1
Cutting length cm 60
Vibration value, left m/s2 2) 3.8
Vibration value, right m/s2 2) 2.6
Total length cm 123
Sound pressure level dB(A) 3) 88
Sound power level dB(A) 4) 99

Power Type

Electric (Corded 220V-230V)

Cutting Length

24" (60cm)

7 reviews for Stihl HSE 71 600W Electric Hedge Trimmer (Corded 230V)

  1. Terry (verified owner)

    Used for the first time as a replacement for hedge clippers! What a difference – handles thicker stemmed hedge with ease and job done much quicker. From the way the product feels it appears to be very robust. Ability to rotate the handle very useful. Just be certain that you can handle the weight for longer jobs.

  2. Philip (verified owner)

    Very pleased with these, they are a replacement for a much cheaper brand.
    What a difference, the fact that spare parts are available is an added bonus.
    Should have brought these in the first place.

  3. Tim Martin (verified owner)

    I purchased this HSE71 after being told by my local Stihl dealer and repair centre that my previous electric hedge trimmer was beyond economic repair. The automatic blade lock that has to function immediately after a trigger is released had failed. Apart from the real danger of cutting off a finger or more, this is a really good way to cut off parts of one’s topiary and cutting the power cord (I find that my full concentration tends to switch off at the same time that I release the trigger). The repair centre said that they had not seen this fault before.

    My previous hedge cutter had been almost identical, except coloured green and sold by Stihl under the previous branding “Viking”.

    I am in my late 70s and smallish and not very strong. Things that grow in my garden but don’t run away get trimmed. unless they are bulbs. I find the 24” length of the blades useful for achieving straight edges on bushes/hedges as well as for the reach. Cutting smooth curves is also very easy. I can get results like this that I have not been able to achieve by any other means.

    The weight is OK, although it can make me huff a bit when used for time at full stretch.

    I particularly like the rotating handle, and the secondary trigger at the end of the handle further from the blades; this trigger enables valuable extra reach will reading two handed control. I note that most of the Stihl battery powered models do not have these features.

    Not a complaint, but a slight inconvenience, both my previous Viking and this Stihl HSE71 came with the power cord wired directly to the machine, even though some of the Stihl pictures showed a plug and socket on the cord near to the handle. I added one to my Viking, and will do the same to this Stihl. This transforms cord storage from a ******** (use your own word) tangled nuisance to something quite tolerable.

    I would have tried a battery power equivalent, but we are trying to move house and don’t know yet whether I shall need one; the 24” battery options do cost quite a lot more, and the price of this one was too good to resist.

    Dealing with Radmore and Tucker over the internet and by telephone was a real pleasure.

  4. Blake Sabin (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant bit of kit. I had an older hedge trimmer that kept stalling on the thicker branches of my hedges, this has had no issues with anything I have thrown at it so far.
    After a few hours it does start to get heavy, however that is to be expected of something this powerful.

  5. David Lever (verified owner)

    I bought a Stihl HSE71 after my Bosch Pro packed up. I was amazed to get it the very next day. The design is so much better than other makes, relatively quiet, and can handle thick branches over an inch in diameter with ease thanks to the low gearing and the quality of the blades.
    David Lever

  6. TREVOR PUGH (verified owner)

    I am delighted with my Stihl HSE 71 electric hedge trimmer. It is nicely balanced, not too heavy, solidly built and less noisy than I was expecting. The 5 position rotary handle is a real positive plus and the blades stopping instantly that the trigger is released is a very comforting and welcome safety measure.

  7. Nick Norris (verified owner)

    Arrived within 2 days of being ordered – very impressive!
    Excellent hedge trimmer which although has a 60cm blade allows a reach of over 70cms with an ingenious extra trigger near the cord BUT note that the cord is only 30cms long so with a UK 3 pin plug you experience an annoying lump of plug and connector near the handle. Its easily fixed by fitting a new longer cord (only a single screw needs to be removed from the handle to do this) fortunately I kept the cord from my old trimmer but I consider this a major flaw in an otherwise excellent trimmer

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