Echo DPAS-2600 Pro Attachment Series Cordless Multi Tool Combi Engine

£389.00 (inc VAT)

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SKU: 25-DPAS-2600

Professional grade battery multi-tool. The DPAS-2600 represents a culmination of the most advanced battery technology on the market and ECHO’s engine building passion and expertise. We want our battery products to maintain the things we love about engine tools, like power, run time and throttle that’s responsive and accurate. Features have been built around creating a tool that performs and feels like a petrol product, without the emissions or noise levels.


Dry Weight 2.4
Rated Voltage 50.4

X Series

X-Series means ECHO’s best-in-class products. More power, lighter weight and performance that will noticeably increase your productivity. Designed for professionals who demand the best and highest quality tools.

X-Series engines make this line-up exceptional. They offer a revolutionary combination to get jobs done faster with less fatigue.


Power Type



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