Makita 196752-0 Edging Tool Split Shaft Attachment EE400MP

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Product Description

The 196752-0 Edging Tool Attachment has an adjustable wheel for quick and easy adjustment to the desired cutting depth. A metal skid plate protects the gear housing for increased durability. 8” steel blade with a guide marking on the blade for cleaner, more precise cuts. The Edging Tool Attachment is 878mm in length.

Attachments are easy to change. The simple non-directional drive shaft allows for easy insertion of the attachments’ shaft pipe into the machine. Lever style lock system allows for quick tool-less installation and replacement of the attachments. The positioning function enables the user to easily insert the shaft pipe of attachments into the correct point of the power head’s shaft pipe.

To add the attachment – push the selected attachment into the female connector until it locks into place.

To remove the attachment – press the red button on the shaft and pull the attachment out from the female connector.

Compatible with the following engine units:

  • DUX18
  • DUX60
  • EX2650LH
  • EX2650LHM


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