Stihl BG-KM Blower Kombi Attachment

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SKU: 18-46067405000

The Stihl BG-KM Blower combi attachment has low weight and high output of air enabling this attachment to clear pathways of leaves, powder snow and other debris quickly and efficiently
The Stihl BG-KM blower attachment is approved for use with KombiSystem Engine units with a loop handle (R models)
Total length of the BG-KM attachment is 89 cm.

Technical data

Tool Blower
Length mm 890
Overall length cm 89
Diameter KombiTool mm 154

17 reviews for Stihl BG-KM Blower Kombi Attachment

  1. Nick Handel (verified owner)

    Brilliant. I was expecting this to be less powerful than the dedicated Stihl blower I have had for ten years, but it’s noticeably better. And easier to manoeuvre. Excellent value.

  2. Steve Martin (verified owner)

    Very lightweight but packs more than enough punch for most jobs around the garden

  3. Gemma (verified owner)

    The blower is great wish I had purchased before now I’ve used to blow leaves from around Apple trees I even use to clean sawdust from my workshop.

  4. Dave (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit. Plenty of ooomph and very comfortable to use. Glad I bought it.

  5. Adrian (verified owner)

    Very pleased with service, prompt delivery and very good price.great tool to work with, plenty of power and makes clearing up after strumming and mowing a delight.

  6. Alan Wykes (verified owner)

    Had my bg86 stolen so decided to buy this one. I was not disappointed excellent power and from a extremely good company.

  7. Michael (verified owner)

    Fantastic customer service on the phone and online, culminating in the rapid delivery of a great tool. It’s very powerful and slots in/out of the kombi engine exceptionally easily.

  8. Phil (verified owner)

    Great addition to the kit. Fast delivery and blows well. Cleared the leaves from the flowerbeds!

  9. Roger (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase. Attached to my 131R it’s definitely more powerful than my old BG86

  10. Stephen Corion

    This blower is a must for all Combi-tool users. I have used it for about a week now and there is a noticeable improvement to the tidiness and overall look of the garden especially around the flower beds. The power of the device is outstanding. I have noticed that it uses much more battery power than other attachments ( brush cutter and Hedge trimmer) but it is an amazing tool. Very happy with this purchase and with Radmore and Tucker’s customer service.

  11. Wayne Buckland (verified owner)

    Great addision to the Kombi set. A lot better than I thought it would be. Very light and powerful

  12. Julian Witor (verified owner)

    I needed something to clear up all the clippings from the hedge trimming and clear the paths of leaves. I didn’t want the expense of a dedicated blower (which I have owned previously) so I thought I’d try this on my Kombi engine. It’s light, easy to fit and produces a very powerful flow of air. The advantage it has over the dedicated blower is that it has an axial fan instead of a centrifugal fan and is therefore more efficient. I was not expecting much from this but I was pleasantly surprised. Very highly recommended.

  13. Mark Norris (verified owner)

    Great Kombi accessory. Love it.

  14. jo (verified owner)

    Good addition to the team, quick service, thanks

  15. GH (verified owner)

    First time using one of these and I was impressed by how powerful the blower is. Will recommend this product to anyone else.

  16. Philip Saven

    Matched with the 130R or131R engine it’s a beast had mine ten years . can be taken apart for service and cleaning which I recommend and dry lube on edge of turbines .


  17. Gerry, England (verified owner)

    I have owned a Kombi motor for years and bought a number of the attachments over time. Using an electric blower has its limitations so the blower attachment was the obvious and best value solution. It is well made with good design features such as the small feet for when you lay it down on the ground. It provides a good blast of air at the smallest bit of throttle and can go higher if required. It is quite lightweight and I found it perfect when used with RTS harness having adjusted the length of the strap.

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