Stihl FCS-KM Straight Shaft Lawn Edger Attachment

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For edging along walkways and planting beds. Adjustable depth control wheel and built-in blade “sight” helps with making the correct cut. Suitable for all loop handle KombiEngines (KM 56 RC-E, KM 94 RC-E, KM 111 R, KM 130 R) and FR 130 T. Overall length cm 100.


8 reviews for Stihl FCS-KM Straight Shaft Lawn Edger Attachment

  1. Tom Delaney (verified owner)

    Easy to use and works well on existing edges. If you want to create a new edge, though, you need to do a bit of preparation to clear earth and stones ,

  2. Scott payne (verified owner)

    Excellent addition to the kombi system,works well,easy to use,

  3. John Campbell (verified owner)

    My wife purchased this for my Christmas present. Will not use it yet till new gardening seson. I have NO doubt it will be a quality product. As for Radmore and Tucker they provided an excellant 5star service. I will diffinately continue to purchase from them in the future. Please stay safe eveyone and have a good Christmas and hopefully a better New Year. Kind regards John Campbell

  4. Mick Aris (verified owner)

    Quality edger as usual from Stihl, works very well, fast delivery, will buy from Radmore & Tucker again, great service.

  5. Jan Dight (verified owner)

    Great, quality bit of kit. I already had most of the kombi attachments and I’m glad I treated myself to this one too. As a self-employed gardener it saves me lots of time and effort edging lawns and is quickly becoming one of my most used attachments. It’s most effective at edging straight lines and watch out for plants overhanging the bed as they can easily get chopped off!
    Really useful and well built attachment. I’d advise buying a spare blade or two at the same time to save on postage. The blade is the same for both the straight and curved shaft edging attachments.

  6. Nic Lejeune

    Great service around an excellent product quickly delivered, thank you!

  7. Conor

    Excellent service as usual on Radmore’s behalf.
    But I have the km94 kombi and it’s not suitable with this, an additional shaft is required which is around £50 so puts the cost up a considerable amount.

  8. Nick Swan (verified owner)

    Requires a bit of getting used to. If you’re not careful, it can almost run away with you and there is quite a danger of cutting a new edge into the lawn on edges that are not already firm. This makes the edge no longer straight.
    Also, not great for really tall people because of the angle that you HAVE to hold it at.
    However, would recommend. Not expensive from Radmore and Tucker.

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