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Husqvarna Mulch Kit (Fits LC 451S & LC 551SP)

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Mulching lawnmowers are now becoming very common in the market. Most people prefer them over regular lawn mowers because of their numerous benefits. Using mulching lawn mowers will help to maintain a healthy and green lawn. It does so by re-circulating and re-cutting the grass clippings that are beneath the mowing deck hence producing fine mulch. They are designed in such a way that it forcibly returned to the lawn where it decomposes rapidly and returns nutrients into the soil.

It, therefore, helps to save on other chemical kinds of fertilisers hence providing eco-friendlier benefits to the environment. The fact that you will have no clippings to dispose of also benefits the environment and leaves the lawn looking healthy. Some lawnmowers are designed initially as mulching mowers. They are known as “true” mulching lawnmowers. However, regular lawn mowers can be converted into mulching mowers with the help of Bio clip mulching kits. The kits allow you to convert the machine into mulching mode. Devices like the Husqvarna Mulch Kit help to make this possible for the LC 451S & LC 551SP models.

The Husqvarna Mulch Kit

This mulching kit helps to allow the conversion of the lawnmower to the mulching cutting mode, also known as the BioClip. Lawnmowers with this kit allow the grass to be cut into very small pieces that can decompose quickly when they are returned to the lawn. The grass acts as fertilizers for the lawn hence making it more resistant to drought. The kit is made up of;

  • A BioClip plug- the plug is the part of the kit that opens up to allow the grass back onto the lawn.
  • Blade- the role of the blade is to help cut the grass into tiny pieces.

The Husqvarna Mulch Kit is compatible with the LC 451S and LC 551SP Husqvarna lawnmowers. It is also one of the most durable products in the market. Also, compared to other products of its kind, the Husqvarna Mulch Kit is very affordable. With this kit, you can transform your regular lawnmower into a mulching mower.


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