Echo DPB-2600 Battery Powered Twin Blade Blower

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The ECHO DPB-2600 is the world’s first dual-intake handheld blower. Drawing air equally from both sides provides 2 major advantages over single-sided models; a significant increase in power and elimination of the gyro-effect. At just 2.5 kg it’s 43% lighter than the PB-2620 whilst providing around 6% more power. Another key advantage is the symmetrical, compact and balanced design, which combined with the ultra low weight make long, commercial work, hassle-free. We’ve also redesigned the internal fan blades to massively reduce fan “whine” making it extremely quiet. We believe this is the most important advancement in handheld blowing technology since we created the first handheld blower in 1978; a true professional cordless blower, that outperforms many petrol models.

TWYND (twin wind)

We’ve called our new dual-intake technology, TWYND. Drawing air from both sides means more power, and the patented symmetrical fan allows the unit to be extremely slimline and compact. TWYND also eliminates gyro-effect, which is the tendency traditional blowers have to rotate towards the operator’s leg.

Extreme power

With 17N of actual blowing force, the DPB-2600 is perfect for heavy-duty commercial jobs.

Features and benefits

Cruise control and boost functions: Stable continuous power or an extreme boost to clear very heavy loads.

Posi-lock and EZ-lock systems: Easily detach and attach pipe.

Unequal pitch Fan – Reduces fan noise.

Advanced motor control technology: Provides greater performance with reduced energy consumption.

Product Details

Rated Voltage 50.4
Battery compatibility 56 eFORCE, 50V
Battery Type 56 eFORCE
Dry Weight (kg) 2.5
Run Time (min) Up to 20
No. of battery ports 1

Power Type



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