BCS Snow Plough Attachment

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The snow plough is the fastest way of clearing snow. It is very safe to operate and simple to use, yet is able to move significant amounts of snow in a short space of time. With a working width of 100cm and a curved blade, it will easily clear snow up to 30cm deep.

The curved blade efficiently rolls the snow up and away from the blade and off to either side.

The plough can be angled through 5 positions – two left, two right, and straight ahead – allowing the angle of the blade to be adjusted to deal with deep snow.

The snow plough is supplied with saucer shaped skids at the rear of the plough as standard. These can be easily adjusted for working height by simply adding or removing spacers to raise or lower the height.

If better manoeuvrability is required, or the snow plough is being used on delicate ground, then the skids can be replaced by optional castor wheels if required.

Working Width 100cm (40″)
Working Height Adjustable
Dimensions (L W H) 32 x 100 x 45cm
Weight 60kg

Which power units will the snow plough fit to?

BCS 710 Y
BCS 728 Y
BCS 738 Y
BCS 740 Y
BCS 750 Y
BCS 614 Y
BCS 615 Y
BCS 618 Y
BCS 630 Y

Are any couplers or toolbars needed?

If the power unit has the Implement Quick Coupling fitted then an Additional Coupler will be required.

Please note: The BCS 660HY and 750 power units have their own specific coupler.

If fitted to the BCS 738 diesel, 740, 750, 770HY, 630WS or 660HY then additional weight may need to fitted to the plough to balance the machine and implement.



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