Husqvarna Stone and Wood Cleaner

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The Husqvarna Stone and Wood Cleaner solution is designed to be a highly effective detergent ideal for cleaning pavements, bricks and wood. Also suitable for other cleaning surfaces that endure water.

However, not all cleansers are designed to clean both stone and wood surfaces. It is also worth noting that regular detergents tend to leave wood and stone surfaces dull. For instance, most wood cleaners on the market cannot be used to clean stone and vice versa. Husqvarna stone and wood cleaner is the exception.

This is a multi-purpose cleaning solution that can be used on both wood and stone surfaces. The detergent is highly and the detergent is made with mild chemicals that are not harmful to the surfaces and the environment. It is safe to use on sensitive surfaces around the house. It also contains soap and oil that helps make the surfaces shiny and keeps them from drying out.

The solution is quite easy to use. You only need to mix half a cup of the cleanser to a gallon of water and use it on any surface you please. The product comes in a two and a half-litre bottle. Compared to other products the Husqvarna stone and wood cleaner is very cost-efficient.

The Husqvarna Stone and Wood Cleaner works with the following Husqvarna pressure washers:

Husqvarna PW 125
Husqvarna PW 235R
Husqvarna PW 350
Husqvarna PW 450




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