Husqvarna TR0003 Moss Rake Attachment

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SKU: 14-586636601

Strong and rugged moss rake for efficient removal of moss. To be weighted with up to 32kg depending on ground conditions.

The automatic raking action when towed behind a tractor allows water, air and nutrients to reach the grass roots. Also lift and remove dead roots, grass clippings, and decaying leaves that have accumulated on the soil surface. Working width of 102cm consists of 24, tough, heat treated tines. Raise and lower de-thatcher with handle and transport easily with its rear wheels. Attachment pin included.

Loading capacity: 32 kg
Number of plugs/spikes: 10
Working width: 102 cm

Fits to the following Huqvarna Garden Tractors & Ride-On Lawnmowers:

Garden Tractors

TS 142T
TC 242T
TC 238TX
TC 242TX
TC 112
TC 114
TS 112
TS 114

Ride-On Lawn Mowers

R 112iC
R 214
R 214T
R 214C
R 214TC
R 216T AWD
R 316TX
R 320X AWD
RC 318T
R 316TsX AWD
RC 320Ts AWD
R 420TsX AWD
RC 318T
RC 320Ts AWD


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