Hyundai HYSC210 Petrol Lawn Scarifier and Aerator

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Hyundai 210cc 4-Stroke OHV petrol engine, providing easy starting with low fuel consumption.

400mm working width ideal for small to medium sized lawns.

5 cutting heights controlled by a single adjustment dial +15mm to -15mm.

Easy to remove spacious 45L grass and moss collector.

A soft grip handle increases comfort and the handles can also be folded down to make this lawn mower even more compact.

19 hardened steel blades specially designed to remove moss, thatch and dead grass

Transport position raises the fixed blade so the scarifier can be moved over lawns or paving without damaging turf or the blades.

Full UK spares backup to maintain your lawn mower for years to come.

Covered by Hyundai 3 year platinum warranty.

To Revitalise And Revive Your Lawn
The HYSC210 is a low maintenance petrol powered scarifier from Hyundai. Ideally suited for small to medium sized lawns up to approx. 20m x 20m, the HYSC210 features a cutting width of 400mm perfect for revitalising and reviving the most tired and spongiest of lawns.

Impressive Results
Powered by a 210cc 4-stroke OHV petrol engine, the HYSC210 delivers impressive aerating performance for achieving the perfect lawn. For best results, your lawn should be scarified every 4-6 weeks.

High Quality – Built To Last
The large sized wheels make manoeuvrability particularly easy and the specially designed wide tread helps protect your lawn when in use. The HYSC210 features a robust high-quality steel deck.

Transform Your Lawn
Fitted with 19 hardened steel blades specially designed to remove moss, thatch and dead grass the HYSC210 penetrates the soil allowing nutrients and moisture to be easily absorbed allowing your lawn to breathe again.

Easy Cutting Depth Adjustment
With 5 cutting depths controlled from one adjustment dial, the working depths range from +15mm to -15mm putting you in control over the finish of your lawn.

Handy Transport Position
There is also a transport position allowing movement over the lawn and paving without damaging the turf or blades.

Easy To Use
Fitted with a spacious quick release 45L polyester grass catcher bag, you will spend less time emptying the cuttings and more time scarifying. Attaching and removing the collection bag couldn’t be simpler, and this allows you to dispose of the cuttings quickly and conveniently.

User Friendly
For increased comfort, this petrol aerator features a soft grip handle, which reduces fatigue when used for long periods. The OPC (Operator Presence Control) lever ensures that the engine will not run if you let go of the handle.

Compact Design For Storage
The handles also fold down over the main power unit, which makes this compact lawn mower easy to store in a garden shed, garage or even a vehicle

How Does A Scarifier Work?

During scarifying, stainless steel scarifying tines enter the ground to remove any compacted soil, as well as moss, thatch and weeds. Once these are removed, the lawn can breathe and will once again be able to absorb nourishing substances, oxygen and water.

By using the lawn raker option, you remove the dead matter, moss and weed which disfigures a lawn by preventing water from getting through to the ground. The rake rotates, aerating and scratching the ground which improves water drainage and the absorption of oxygen.

The raking setting could also be used following each lawn mowing to remove any grass cuttings that may be left behind by your mower.

For best results, we recommend scarifying your lawn every 4-6 weeks between April and September to remove moss and thatch which has built up on the lawn.



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19 reviews for Hyundai HYSC210 Petrol Lawn Scarifier and Aerator

  1. Andy Long (verified owner)

    Superb machine, well made, easy to use and works a treat!
    I would highly recommend Radmore and Tucker – great service, great price and first class delivery

  2. Carol Smalley (verified owner)

    Great machine, but it has generated heaps of moss (which of course was in our lawn) so has done its job very well. Service from Radmore & Tucker was very good, delivered when expected and nice chap delivered it. Also got the machine at a very good price. So all good!

  3. Martyn L (verified owner)

    Had this machine delivered quickly and for free even during the Covid 19 lockdown. Machine has a solid feel about it and the moss it removed with ease from the lawn was incredible . Thanks Radmore and Tucker.

  4. Roger Nichols (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble handle. Started first time out of the box. Sturdy construction.
    Easy to handle and removes an amazing amount of debris from my lawns.
    As others say the grass box is too small and fiddly to use. I picked up the debris with my 22 year old Yamaha lawnmower.

  5. Peter Barton (verified owner)

    Great product at a good price. Isses with delivery (Tuffnells) but they got there in the end. Very helpful in resolving issue.

  6. Jim Edmunds (verified owner)

    Got it last week and so far only scarified a small slopey lawn – got huge amounts of ‘fluff’ out, the 45ltr bag filled in just a few metres, even though I mowed it very short beforehand. In the end i just let the cuttings lie and collected them after with my tractor-mower, which was fine. So far I’ve just done one pass on the highest setting. Certain high-points (e.g. anthills) are now fairly bare earth, but that’s fine as the lawn needed levelling. Really happy with it, although the big job lies ahead – scarifying a load of lines in a 2 acre paddock so I can plant wildflower seed.
    Very happy with Radmore and Tucker – it came promptly, fully assembled, filled perfectly with oil, and at a great price. 100% satisfied.

  7. Jim Edmunds (verified owner)

    Update to review – after an hour or two of use I found the blades stopped turning. On removing the cowling it was obvious that the drive belt had become loose. The nut securing the tensioning wheel was still really tight, so my first thought is that the belt has stretched. Sliding the tensioner out to it’s outermost position just about makes the belt tight enough (10-15mm play according to manual – it was probably 15mm or slightly more in this position). Refitting the cowling allen bolt was fine, but the cowling won’t go back to the original position as it is hard up against the tensioner wheel. At the bottom of the cowling where the two cross-head screws attach it to the main body the screw-holes are about 8mm away as the cowling is rotated slightly clockwise. I finished the job without the screws and it all seems fine.

  8. John Byron King (verified owner)

    Service was excellent, machine arrived very quickly. Looks an excellent and well made piece of kit.

  9. Graham Harvey (verified owner)

    Excellent machine does the job excellent service very well pleased thanks ?

  10. Robert Cartwright (verified owner)

    I pre ordered and it was worth waiting for.
    Excellent piece of kit and worth every penny.
    Made short work of my moss infested lawn, much better than my old electric one.
    Great service from R & T, good communication and delivered on time.

  11. Wasif Sabir (verified owner)

    Very good machine. Just be aware that it’s not a simple task to change the rollers (from scarify to rake) because according to the manual you have to drain the engine oil and petrol. However, I have found that you can lean the machine at an angle and still get to the nuts and bolts to change the roller.
    Very good service from Radmore and Tucker; delivered quite quickly even though it was out of stock when I ordered.

  12. Nick Morton (verified owner)

    This was recommended highly by a lot of cricket groundsmen so as I had burnt out an electric scarifier on my lawn last summer decided to invest in something a bit more appropriate. I haven’t been disappointed. It does an excellent job. No need to attach the collection bag as fills up far to quickly as this beast certainly removes the thatch effectively. I used the YouTube video to assemble it – not hard but better than following the instruction booklet.
    Ideal for domestic gardens that have substantial grass areas or small sports arenas.

  13. Dermot Mullins (verified owner)

    1st class machine. I was really impressed with how sturdy and build quality. Piece of cake to assemble and start to use.
    Incredibly efficient and so lightweight it was easy to manoeuvre and use. I had previously mown the lawn but i still took out a huge amount of debris and moss – great value – cannot be faulted.

  14. Norman Cowan (verified owner)

    Pre ordered this item in April and delivered in May.
    Due to the wet weather and time of year, I have not yet used the scarifier.
    From June onwards, I have been using the aerator once a month and set the height to just above soil level.
    Quite staggered at just how much debris this churns out from the lawn without leaving it looking a mess.
    The machine is lightweight to push around.
    Easy to set up. More than sturdy enough for home use and should last for years.
    Overall, very efficient at doing what it was designed for and highly recommended.
    Good service from Radmore and Tucker.

  15. Warwick Davies (verified owner)

    After much research and the lack of availability of any Scarifiers anywhere I decided to wait and pre-order the Hyundai HYSC210 Petrol Lawn Scarifier as it seemed to me to have the right specifications. It arrived in May and was easily assembled. But due to excessive rain I had to restrain my enthusiasm and wait patiently for dryer conditions. I was a little hesitant at first when using it, but soon got used to the process of scarifying the lawn. It is an easy machine to use and requires little effort to push up a gradient. It is powerful enough for very large lawns, only care needs to be taken around the edges. It has levelled out the ant hills! The hard work is removing the debri from the first cut. Later ones are easy to deal with. Mowing the grass now is much easier and a breeze to deal with. Prior to this, even with a motorised lawn mower it felt like you needed two oxen to pull it. I wish I had purchased a scarifier before. Sales and service from Radmore & Tucker has never been a problem.

  16. A Jeffers (verified owner)

    I only ordered the Hyundai hysc210 petrol scarifier yesterday morning and received it before 1000am today. I haven’t had the chance to use the machine yet but would commend Radmore and Tucker for their excellent customer service and fast delivery. Initially I was sceptical purchasing from a firm that I’d never heard of but their price was by far the cheapest compared to other more well known retailers so I took the chance and am so glad I did. Thank you one again- I would definitely use this company again

  17. A Jeffers (verified owner)

    I only ordered the Hyundai hysc210 petrol scarifier yesterday morning and received it before 1000am today. I haven’t had the chance to use the machine yet but would commend Radmore and Tucker for their excellent customer service and fast delivery. Initially I was sceptical purchasing from a firm that I’d never heard of but their price was by far the cheapest compared to other more well known retailers so I took the chance and am so glad I did. Thank you once again

  18. Ann Ridings (verified owner)

    Good machine. Delivered in good order and good time. Weather damp so not had time to really get to grips with it. Hopefully the moss will be gone, gone, gone when I do.

  19. Michael Cardno (verified owner)

    Must say this is some beast of a machine.
    The amount of thatch it lifts is amazing, highly recommend getting 1 of these, just watch the how to assemble on youtube its very simple.
    And top marks for radmorandtucker they are excellet to deal with.

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