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Stein Topsaw Multi Tool

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The latest version of the TopSaw Tool is now 12 tools in 1 and supplied with a heavy duty nylon storage pouch. TOPSAW Pocket Wrench is a hand tool that has a combination of 12 different tools in it to allow the user to work on any brand chain saw out in the field.

The tool easily fits in your pocket or in the belt mounted heavy duty nylon sheath and contains a large screwdriver for bar adjustment, a T27 Torx for all bolts on most saws, a 4mm Allen wrench for all other saws, a small screwdriver (for fuel and bar oil adjustment), a bar grove cleaner and has a 13mm socket that will fit a bar nut on most half- or full-wrap handle chain saws. The other end of the tool has an dual interchangeable socket for the spark plug. Finally it can be used as a file handle.

TOPSAW Contains:

19mm x 10mm socket (reversible)
21mm x 16mm socket (reversible)
13mm socket
T27 torx
T25 torx
4mm hex ball drive
Large screw driver
Small screw driver
Bar groove cleaner
File handle



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