Petzl Ouistiti Full Body Harness (Children-One Size)

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Full body climbing harness for children less than 30 kg

The Ouistiti harness is especially easy to put on and adjust. It does not require a connector to be fastened, and the adjustment system is difficult for a child to access. The perforated foam structure and the front tie-in point favor comfort while climbing. The rear attachment point allows the child to be connected for other specific activities.

Easy to put on and adjust:
Proper donning is facilitated by holding and shaking the harness from the orange dorsal point
Semi-rigid structure is colour-coded (gray foam interior and blue exterior) for easy donning
Primary adjustment is done on the shoulder straps with the DoubleBack buckles
Secondary adjustment, for small or big children, is done with the DoubleBack buckles on the back of the harness
Comfortable to wear on the ground or when suspended:
Quilted closed-cell foam structure on the leg loops, positioning waistbelt and shoulder straps
Does not require connectors to remain fastened, allowing the child to keep wearing the harness for playing without hindrance
Front tie-in point is reinforced and lower, for greater comfort when climbing, particularly during descents
Versatility of use for climbing, youth clubs, and adventure parks
One size, up to 30 kg
DoubleBack buckles are out of reach of the child
Front tie-in point is colour-coded green, for climbing
Dorsal attachment point is colour-coded orange for other specific situations
Material(s): high-strength polyester webbing, closed-cell foam, polyester
Harness comes in a protective carry bag



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