Bashlin Aluminium Spikes with 140D Pads

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This Bashlin Kit comprises of a set of Bashlin Aluminium shank climbers, a pair of 140 Leather Pads, and a pair of 85N Top Straps. These climbers are supplied and fitted with 41mm gaffs as standard. Each climber weights 1170g when assembled.

Replaceable Gaffs Yes
Adjust Height Pads Yes
Gaff Size 41mm
Weight (pair) gms 2530
Material Aluminium
Manufacturer Bashlin
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1 review for Bashlin Aluminium Spikes with 140D Pads

  1. Alexander Harrison

    I have used bashlin tree climbing spurs since 1988 I have used other brands but nothing comes close but you need 63mm tree gaffs not utility pole gaffs . If I could only choose one branded piece of climbing gear it would have to be bashlin but only with 63mm gaffs.

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