Marlow Wire Core Flip Line 3m No Snap Hook

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Product Description

The Marlow 13mm Wire Core Flip lines are designed for work positioning and tree climbing use in arboriculture. They are designed to hold forces but not designed to absorb energy such as in the event of a fall.

7×19 twisted galvanised steel wire: 16 Plait braided cover
• Firm round construction.
• Stiff core for improved flip performance, while still flexible enough to work with.
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Low stretch
• Cut resistant

• Abrasion resistant
• Round and firm construction
• Protects load bearing core from dirt and abrasion
• Provides grip against trees
• Good UV resistance
• Good abrasion and heat resistance
• Unaffected by water
• Zero shrinkage

CE Approval:
Certified by SGS: CE certified to EN354:2010


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