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Throwpod 10oz

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New from Sawpod comes The Throwpod – lead free aerodynamic throweight!

Tony Darbyshire and Marcus Nicholson of Sawpod Ltd have developed this environmentally friendly lead free aerodynamic throw weight to ease line placement.

The Throwpod gives you increased height gain, the missile shape means it slips easily through the tree and reduces the risk of getting stuck in the canopy!

Made in the UK from durable rubber with marine grade stainless steel eye bolt and fluorescent tip.  The large eye caters for all throwing styles – the cradle of one handed throw.

In development Tony and Marcus toyed with all manner of ideas for attaching the climbing line, but after a while decided they were trying to reinvent the wheel – the simplest way to attach your rope is to connect your spliced eye to the throwpod with a small karabiner.  For a tighter crotch simply tie a number of half hitches to the raw end of your climbing rope!

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