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Treehog TH1112 Hi Vis Bungee Strop

£22.40 (inc VAT)

In stock

SKU: AR-TH1112

The TH1112 is a robust tool strop for hanging a chainsaw or other tools from your climbing harness.

Made from heavy duty woven tubular webbing, this strop has a reinforced rubber shock absorbing core to help reduce slack.
Terminated with a standard loop on one end, and an inverted loop at the other with a thick rust resistant steel ring to shorten the strop, which will keep your saw at arm’s length.

When fully extended, this strop measures 1.3m long and has a safe working load (SWL) of 30kg, although they have been tested to weights way in excess of this.

You will find each bungee tool strop is marked with a unique serial number to help with identification and inspection.


  • 30mm woven webbing with rubber core
  • Inverted sewn loop termination
  • 1.3m length when stretched
  • Individual serial number


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