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Treehog TH1113 Tool Strop

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SKU: AR-TH1113

The TH1113 is a lightweight tool strop, made from 25mm black polyester webbing with industrial grade orange stitching, it is used for attaching a handsaw or chainsaw to your climbing harness.

This strop is finished with a standard sewn loop on one end and an inverted loop at the other. There is a steel ring sewn towards one end of the sling which can be used to shorten the length of the strop.

When fully extended, this strop measures 1.2m long and has a safe working load (SWL) of 30kg.

Each tool strop has a unique serial number for ease of identification and inspection.


  • 25mm polyester webbing
  • Inverted swen loop termination
  • 1.2m length when stretched
  • Individually serial numbered


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