We’ve just added the entire range of BasePro Chainsaw Trousers and Jackets and the Fuyu Softshell Jackets from SIP Protection to the website, and they’re in stock ready to ship!

BasePro clothing from SIP Protection offer an unrivalled price to performance and we really believe their entry level range of chainsaw clothing is hard to beat.

Basepro Chainsaw Trousers & Jackets

If you’re looking for basic chainsaw protective trousers and jackets without the bells and whistles. Look no further than the SIP Protection BasePro chainsaw trousers and jackets. The outer fabric is composed of a regular polyester cotton fabric, perfectly suitable for temporary or seasonal forestry work. Don’t be mistaken, however the BasePro range, which are the most economical SIP Protection trousers and jackets in their range, still provide the comfort you want, the protection you need and the quality you expect from SIP Protection.

Fuyu Softshell Jackets

Welcome mid-season or cold weather with Fuyu, the Japanese word for “winter”! This collection of highly technical EN ISO 14058 certified softshells provide the highest possible comfort, technicity and durability for both foresters and arborists during chilly or cold weather that may come with the additional drizzle or sleet. The waterproof and breathable 3-ply fabric offers the wearer the highest possible comfort without the clammy feeling you fear most. As far as additional features are concerned, the reinforced Tektor shoulders provide an extra resistance, the sheer number of pockets assure you will always find the right place to store your precious items. The sleeves can be removed when wanted or needed and the back is long enough to allow comfortable working in a harness or during forestry work. OK, that’s a lot of features in just one softshell so you might start wondering: Where the catch? All we can add is that all our testers have been unanimous regarding this jacket: Second to none!

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