What if you could have your lawn cut automatically and perfectly, come rain or shine? At Radmore and Tucker we believe that robotic automower’s are the future and we stock all the leading brands. Before you browse our range here are a few things to consider to ensure you buy the right robotic mower for your garden.

What Size is Your Lawn

When looking for a robotic mower you should pick one that can handle the size and terrain of your lawn. For the lower end models the cutting capability is generally based on a flat and open lawn, so if your lawn is undulating or there are obstacles, it’s better to choose a higher end automower with a greater capability.

Does Your Garden Have Steep Slopes or Banks?

If you have a lawn with steep banks you should pick a mower fit for the job, ideally with good traction and power that is designed to mow steeper inclines. Robotic mowers work even when it rains, so pick one with wheels that have a good grip. One of our most popular robotic mowers is the Husqvarna 450X, which handles slopes with up to 45% inclination.

Does Your Garden Contain Passages or Obstacles?

If your garden has intricate passages and obstacles you must ensure that your mower can handle a complex garden. Our tip is to select a mower with guide wires; they are an easy way to make sure that the cutter can navigate the narrowest of passages or obstructions.

Security system

You should pick a robotic mower that is equipped with a pin code lock, alarm and even a GPS-tracker. If you do have your automower stolen you should report it to us so we can blacklist your mower, making future servicing impossible.

Is the Robotic Mower Easy to Understand?

Most people overlook the user experience when selecting a robotic mower, but it’s a good idea to check how the mower works. Check the manual online or visit our showroom and have a look at the display to see if it is clear, intuitive and easy for you to navigate. Remember that even if most settings are done when installing your mower, timer settings and cutting length often change over a season. Drop in to see us and we can show you how it works. We have the largest robotic mower demonstration area in the South West!

Safety First!

Although pets and children should not be allowed in the same area as the mower, it can happen. You should therefore consider a mower with a cutting disc with retractable blades. Since the mower cuts each day it only cuts a little bit and if a paw or foot gets under the mower, it will not result in a serious injury.

Is There a Service Workshop Close by?

When selecting a robotic mower, you should also consider how easily available a service workshop is to your location. A good dealer or workshop such as Radmore and Tucker will help you with repairs, servicing, software updates and winter storage. You can check the manufacturers website if they have a dealer close to you.


We hope you found this article useful. If you are still unsure which robotic mower model you need, drop in to see us and our experienced and trained staff can help you make a decision.

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