Silky Hayauchi Lopper

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The Sintung Silky Lopper is an attachment for the Hayauchi Pole Saw it offers a ratchet-operated system with precise ,easy pruning of branches up to 50mm in diameter. It replaces the Hayauchi Blade in just a couple of minutes and is supplied with a tough, protective draw-string pouch.

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  • Forestry
  • Pruning
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2 reviews for Silky Hayauchi Lopper

  1. Sharon Erridge (verified owner)

    Great attatchment for the hayauchi pole saw.

  2. ANDREW HELMER (verified owner)

    useful attachment as a sawblade cannot cut smaller branches so well as a pruner due to them being springy and not rigid enough to use a saw.
    Pruner does require good visibility as leaves and branches can easily cause it to get tangled but in most cases this can be overcome by starting on one side then working into overhanging branches. Beware of falling branches.

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