Stihl GHE355 Electric Shredder

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The STIHL electric shredder GHE 355 handles both larger quantities of hard tree cuttings as well as softer plant trimmings and garden waste. Its powerful motor and sandwich-type blade unit also demonstrate their qualities in regular use. The BRS (Bladerotation Reverse System) reversal mechanism allows you to adapt the blade unit of the garden shredder to the current clippings in no time at all using a rotary switch. Clockwise cutting blades cut hard shredding material into wood chippings, while anti-clockwise shredding blades shred green garden cuttings into compostable matter. The large feed chute is located at a comfortable working height. You can easily feed branches with side shoots as well as large quantities of clippings into the wide feed chute, where they are smoothly drawn in and quickly shredded into fine particles by the machine.


Blades with sandwich construction
The special sandwich-type blade system on the STIHL shredder shreds the material with minimal vibrations. Additional wing blades and ripping blades shred the material perfectly and ensure the shredding chamber remains clean.

Soundproofed feed chute
The large feed chute facilitates feeding of the STIHL shredder. The soundproofed feed chute reduces working noise when shredding in the garden. The integrated spray protection provides a shield against swirling dirt.

Safety lock
The electromagnetic safety lock prevents the garden shredder from starting automatically during maintenance operations or when the blade is being changed, for example. The safety switch is integrated in the opening mechanism on the STIHL shredder. As soon as the closure screws on the machine are unscrewed, the safety switch is tripped and the current flow is interrupted.

BRS reversal mechanism
The rotation direction of the blades on this STIHL electric shredder can be reversed easily using a rotary switch. The blade rotation reverse system (BRS) activates specific blades. In a clockwise direction, sharp blades shred hard and woody shredding material. In an anti-clockwise direction, blades shred soft plant trimmings into compostable material. The system allows you to shred large volumes of material while helping maintain the sharpness of the special blades for longer.

Wide chassis
The wide chassis ensures good stability of the STIHL garden shredder during operation and facilitates transport of the machine.

Technical specifications

Max. branch thickness up to 35 mm
Max. branch thickness 35 mm
Nominal output 2.500 W
Rated voltage 230 V
Weight 30 kg
Cutting tool Multi-Cut 355
Guaranteed sound power level LwA 100 dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level LpA 94 dB(A)
Uncertainty factor sound pressure level KpA 3 dB(A)
Uncertainty KWA 2,4 dB(A)
Nominal speed 2.750 U/min
Power Type

Electric (Corded 220V-230V)

2 reviews for Stihl GHE355 Electric Shredder

  1. David Turner (verified owner)

    A well made piece of kit but in use it clogged up really easily when I was shredding a small pile of garden <25mm branches and leaves. I had to unscrew the cover (two threaded knobs on the front of the unit) off at least 20 times to remove build ups of shreddings that had built up or would not go through. I had expected something a bit more capable for £500 and unscrewing and screwing those knobs every few minutes was tiresome.

  2. Mark Royce (verified owner)

    Received all built up and ready to go. Easy to order, timely delivery and a fair price.
    The shredder is excellent for general garden waste. I have spent an afternoon shredding branches and cutting from general hedge trimming around the property. It delivers a finely chopped product, ideal for general mulching or as ground cover. I had no problems with the machine clogging and it seemed to effortlessly eat through a huge pile of detritus. Highly recommend this for anyone with a large garden and lots of shrubs/vines/bushes etc.
    instead of paying £25+ on a Stihl collection box, I found that a washing up bowl, regularly emptied into a wheel barrow, suffices.

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